We are promising to collect and shred your paper free of charge.

Our unique promise is targeted at bulk and archive clearouts (for example, quantities of bags, boxes, bins and pallets of paper).

The paper can be of any grade, colour or texture and can be held in hanging-files, lever-arch-files and envelopes. All paper is treated as confidential and therefore all paper is shredded.

After collection, the paper is brought to our destruction facility and shredded on arrival, using our Allegheny Shredding System.

A Certificate of Shredding / Recycling is issued when the job is done.

There is no catch or strings attached to this unique promise.  Quite simply - our superior machines enables us to operate more efficiently. Our revenue is from the sale of shredded paper to international paper mills for manufacture into tissue paper. 

If we are requested to shred on-site - we are proposing a fixed price of €120. 

For €120, we will shred your paper at your premises using our Shred-Tech Mobile Shredding Truck. The price covers the hire of a truck with an operator for a day. We can shred up to 6.5 tonnes / day – therefore for €120 you can have up to 6.5 tonnes of paper shredded on-site. Please note the price excludes 13.5% VAT.

After shredding the truck returns to our destruction facility – where the paper is shredded again – using our Allegheny Shredding System. This has the effect of reducing the paper to confetti, and conforms to shred No. 4 of the BSEN 15713 : 2009 – European Shredding Standard – the highest standard available.

A Certificate of Shredding / Recycling is issued when the job is done.