Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to our business and how we operate. Minimising our environmental impacts has always been one of our top priorities.

We take conscious interest in wider social issues

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Recycling 1 Tonne of paper saves:

Making a tangible impact

From protecting forests to curbing climate, recycling paper use is essential for sustainability. Recycled paper use saves resources and reduces the paper industry’s impact on the planet. Recycling paper requires about 65% less energy, 50% less water, and causes 70% less pollution than paper products made from wood in the environment.


We have a strict zero to landfill policy. 100% of paper we shred is recycled at paper mills. All other materials are either recycled, made into Refuse Derived Fuel, or are sent to waste plants to generate energy.


In 2019 we shredded and recycled roughly 3,125 ton of paper. This works out at about 50,000 trees saved on our customers’ behalves in one year.

Rain Forest | Paper Shredding Services

Snow Covered Mountains | Paper Shredding Services

Environment is the big winner

We have been investing in ways to reduce and offset our emissions for many years. Through various projects we are working to offset our greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero. This will assure our customers that the ways we operate aren’t harmful to the planet.


The environmental impact of producing new paper can be very high but can easily be prevented by the low cost of recycling paper. Shredding documents through a service that then recycles the shredded materials will protect the trees, the earth, and the atmosphere. Indeed, by shredding your sensitive documents, you are effectively making a difference in the lives of your customers, employees, and community.


100% of your shredded paper is baled, processed and converted into new paper products such as printer paper, paper bags, tissues, packaging, toilet rolls, newsprint.

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