Certified Product Destruction

The only way to be certain that data contained on such devices is permanently gone is by shredding and destroying them.

Certified Electronic Destruction

At Great White our product shredding equipment is able to destroy any products, clothing or textiles to meet your requirements. With product destruction you are protecting your brand and reputation with no risk of anything falling into the wrong hands. All shredded material is recycled with nothing going to landfill.

Leaked prototype products can make or mar the brand. In other, expired goods can make people ill and they need to be disposed of properly. Obsolete products that remain on shelves can erode market penetration of newer products and customer confidence.

Carelessly discarding obsolete or recalled products, prototypes, promotional materials, or confiscated goods can seriously damage a brands image. Throwing away a product no longer in circulation may seem like a simple solution, but using general waste disposal options could have serious implications. There are also privacy laws to consider. Great Whitd offers secure product destruction to help you safely dispose of items like your old uniforms, employee cards, marketing materials & advertising.

Our modern shredding machines can handle just about any type of material, including metals, plastics, fabrics, ceramics and liquids – plus paper, of course.


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What we destroy

Uniform Shredding / Recycling
The disposal of worn-out and redundant uniforms should be controlled because they contain the company logo / brand – and in many cases, there is security issues associated with the uniforms. We offer a vital link in this control by shredding the uniforms therefore ensuring that they will not be seen in the wrong places or worn by undesirables. A Certificate of Shredding / Recycling is issued when the shredding is done. The certificate can be tailored to meet internal control requirements.

X-Ray Shredding Recycling
The x-rays are shredded and the plastic is exported to Germany for recycling. When the shredding is complete a Certificate of Shredding / Recycling is issued. This is a vital link in the control of redundant x-rays and will complete the audit trail.

Tapes & Discs Shredding / Recycling
Tapes / disks and other forms of magnetic media are shredded and the plastic is recycled. A Certificate of Shredding / Recycling is issued which can include reference numbers to complete the audit-trail.

Office Furniture Destruction / Recycling
We are fully licensed to collect and decommission broken and redundant office furniture. The types of furniture that we handle include – Desks – Tables – Chairs – Filing Cabinets – Pedestals – Partitions. Our staff will remove the unwanted furniture from your premises and return to our licensed facility, where the furniture is dismantled. The parts EG – metal – wood – plastic – are recycled. We offer a low cost and no-nonsense solution for this form of waste.

Luxury Packaging
When packaging of luxury products get into the wrong hands it can be massively detrimental. If a jewellery box of a well known brand isn’t destroyed by a certified company such as Great White, it can land in the wrong hands and be used for a counter-fit product at a street value price.

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