We use Shred-Tech MD-18GT - the worlds leading supplier of mobile shredding trucks



The MDS-18GT is noted for it’s security / confidentially and has a patented tunnel-lift system – this eliminates any operator involvement with the paper prior to shredding – no visual sight or handling of the paper. This key security feature is specific to Shred-Tech. The truck also features state-of-art CCTV that monitors all aspects of the shredding process.


After shredding, the paper is reduced to fine particles (2800 mm2 average surface area) and is the equivalent of Shred No. 3 : BS EN 15713 : 2009. The throughput averages 2 tonnes / hour – that ensures that the time spent shredding outside your premises is minimised. The shredded paper storage capacity is best-in-class at 6.5 tonnes – one visit is usually sufficient. Also, in comparison with other trucks – the MDS-18GT is noticeably quieter – therefore reducing the nuisance element.



Great White Mobile Paper Shredding Truck


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